Sai’s blessing for the new year

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A calendar with the saint’s teachings hopes to inculcate communal harmony

With the idea of spreading communal harmony amongst the public, the forth edition of Shri Sai Baba Calendar was recently launched at a program in Bhaidas Hall. Juhu.

The calendar propagates the teachings of the saint. Expresses T.P. Pandey of Sai Grace Foundation, “I am a great follower of Sai Baba, and wanted to his message of peace and love to reach the multitudes. And, the best way to do that would be through a calendar, as everyone would glance at it at least once a day and the message would remain in their subconscious.
Since we are facing the problem of religious extremism. I found it appropriate that there should be some way of promoting communal amity and harmony… The saint exemplified his teachings through practical life. and this would be the apt medium according to the trust. The central message of the calendars is ‘We are one and God is one..

The theme running across the calendars is about the life and teachings of the saint, which hopes to inspire people who read them… Pandey add. Starting from an initial print order of 5,000 copies a few years ago, the foundation now brings out 40,000 copies, distributed to organizations such as Sai Sansthan and Shirdi Saibaba Trust, and has received a great response both in India and abroad.

The release of the calendar also included a dhuni rath yatra, which had the eternal flame from Shirdi being brought for the first time in Mumbai. The Yatra started from Sai Dham Mandir at Kandivali and ended at Bhaidas Hall. with hundreds of devotees participating in it.